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Australian Audio Manufacturers (in alphabetical order)
AARON speakers
Acoustic Concepts
Audio Speaker Design, Speaker Enclosures, Crossover Designs, Home Theatre Design.
Ribbon/Hybrid Speakers.
Aspen Amplifiers
Audiophile-grade kitsets. The source of the AKSA power amplifier and complementary products.
Australian Electric Valve Importers Pty Ltd
Lowther Speakers - Amplifiers, Valves.
Factory 2, 22 Michellan Court
Bayswater VIC 3153
Telephone: 0500 566 616, (03) 9720 8730 and (03) 9720 8729
Facsimile: 0500 566 626, (03) 9893 5856
Email aevi_mohan@hotmail.com or lowther_au@hotmail.com
Black Art Audio
Hand wound audio transformers (for valve amps).
Ear Science (Products by Gary Cawsey)
126 Walnut St Richmond VIC
Ph: (03) 9429 7964
Elektra Audio (Products by Arthur Rappos)
51 Harold St, East Hawthorn VIC
Ph: (03) 9813 3496
Email: rappos@onaustralia.com.au
Equinox Audio
E R Audio
Designers and Manufacturers of Electrostatic Loudspeakers and Fine Audiophile Equipment.
Giles Audio
Manufacture of Pro Audio recording equipment and custom made valve HiFi. Repair and upgrades to valve audio equipment.
18 Carlyle Street
Ashwood VIC 3147
Ph: (03) 9885 9134
Email: gilesaudio@iprimus.com.au
Krix Loudspeakers
Legend Acoustics
Manufacturers of Ribbon Hybrid Loudspeakers.
Sonic Art
Design & Manufacture of Loudpseakers. MILSPEC Silver cables. Tonearms, Phono cables and Phono stage. Power cables & Power conditioners. Single Ended Vacuum Tube amplifiers. Large selection of DIY components including Millenium CD clocks, Black Gate, ANSAR, CARDAS, Origin Live, Hiquphon, SA Ribbon tweeters, etc. Custom design & manufacture, and upgrades for all audio equipment available.
Speakers and Valve Amplifiers.
Stones Sound Studio
Speaker Kit design plans drawings PCB crossovers cable components Custom high end speaker cabinet passive crossover, active filter and speaker driver measurement and design facilities Leap 5 and LMS 4 . Artisan Speakers audio art series. Stones Sound Studio Russell Storey senior design engineer acoustical consultants audio services high end audio products sales and service. Audio art furniture alan briscoe wood craft designs.
The Loud Speaker Kit
Low cost DIY speaker kits and accessories, Melbourne.
Trevor Lees Audio
Home of Hi-Fi and Audio Visual Surround Sound.
VAF Research